Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Web20 Fishkin Search Landscape

A brilliant slide show by Rand Fishkin from SEOMOZ. There is an excellent Pie chart which reaffirms our noise about the importance of a web presence for all retailers. From data supplied by Comscore, 89% of consumers shop for information online, yet 7% of retail sales are performed online (see slide 19 of the presentation).

So, what is this telling us! Well it's a wake up call to Australian retailers... your potentail customers are doing their research online. They may not be buying online but if you are not there with an offering, you are not going to be visited by those customers doing their research online.

Internet Retailing is not only about seling online, this is where everyone seems to get it wrong, Internet Retailing is about engaging with customers so they can make an active decision to buy your product, be that by walsking into your sotre, or by buying it online.

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Web20 Fishkin Search Landscape
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