Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Not PCI Compliant? No Problem | Practical eCommerce

By Practical eCommerce's count, there are nearly 600 English-language shopping carts. These include hosted carts, licensed software carts and open-source carts. There are small ones with just a few clients, and large ones with tens of thousands of clients.But, as of July 14, only 40 of them were either PCI compliant (hosted solutions) or PA-DSS validated (licensed shopping carts). That date is important because the PCI Security Standards Council has long held that shopping carts, which are either "Payment Applications" or "Validated Service Providers" as defined by that organization, must affirmatively pass compliance standards by July 1, 2010. And it's easy to determine the carts that have been approved because there are two separate lists that contain them.
Not PCI Compliant? No Problem | Practical eCommerce
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