Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dealsta » Woolworths – the mobile people

Woolworths shopping app – A fresh analysis * September 2, 2011 * Natasha Rawlings (introduction by Australian Food News)IntroductionAustralian Food News recently reported on a new iPhone application introduced by Woolworths for use by its customers. The following presentation was prepared for clients of food industry lawyers FoodLegal, by direct-marketing smartphone guru Natasha Rawlings. Natasha is the CEO of Dealsta, a company that has been developing apps for several industries (although not currently in the supermarket space). Natasha Rawlings has held senior marketing positions in some of the largest direct-marketing companies in the world. In this presentation, Natasha Rawlings reviews the Woolworths app as well as highlighting the recent trends in iPhone / Android applications.
Dealsta » Woolworths – the mobile people
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