Tuesday, 25 October 2011

With the online retail industry growing ever so quickly in Australia, it is important to understand how Australians are shopping online.
Partnering with Global Reviews, Outrider recently conducted a behavioural study around this topic. The infographic compares the findings to similar research that was done in 2009.

Australia’s online purchase behaviours are changing

Comparing to the results from 2009, some key findings on the evolution of online shopping behaviour include:
  • Australians are relying more on search as a starting point to buying a product online
  • Aussies use fewer search terms to find products
  • Brand and shop related terms have increased in popularity, whereas generic product terms are less popular
  • Online shoppers are now twice as likely to compare products online
  • Facebook is the only social media platform with serious online purchase influence

How are Australians Shopping Online – Outrider Infographic

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