Thursday, 19 November 2009

Digital Marketing and Media Summit

On Monday 16 November, as brand sponsors for the Digital Marketing and Media Summit we attended the event (see pictures HERE), looking forward to a day of interaction between client side and agency side marketers and to get a feel for the state of the market in digital marketing.

We expected client side marketers to have little interest in our presence at the summit as our relevance to them is insignificant unless they are involved in selling online (which was the exception at this event) however we were somewhat disappointed by the lack of interest by agency side marketers who attended. As we represent the online retailing industry we couldn't understand why agency side marketers who would want online retailers in their portfolio, were not that interested in what we did or who we represent.

Once again this probably highlighted the challenges that online retailing still faces in Australia. The Summit which represented some of the more reputable agencies certainly demonstrated that we have a looong way to go to achieve the standards set by the UK and the USA.

I also somehow got the impression from this summit that just as traditional bricks and mortar retailers don't get online, it seems that some of the agencies are traditional agencies claiming they know online and digital, but they only know parts of it. There was also no focus on search at all which we were surprised about!

Teresa Sperti, one of Internet Retailing's writers who also attended on the day made some interesting assertions which I agree with, so instead of repeating many of my thoughts, please read Teresa's posting here at Digital Marketing Lab Blog

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