Tuesday, 5 June 2012

DealFox to undercut Kogan - Shopping

DealFox — a bargain site with a similar modus operandi to Catch of the Day — is going cheaper than even Kogan with Kogan TVs.

(Credit: CBSi)

Commencing at 12.00pm on 5 June, DealFox will be selling Kogan television sets with a standard warranty at a heavily discounted rate for 24 hours — or until stock runs out.

The Kogan 42" full HD LED TV with PVR, with a recommended retail price of AU$469 (currently at a pre-stock price of AU$407.50 at the time of writing) is being offered by DealFox for just AU$299 — and DealFox's manager Simone Busch assuredCNET Australia that the TVs are in stock and ready for shipping

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