Friday, 2 November 2012

Infinity-channel retailing


Forget Omni Channel Retailing, the next BUZZWORD is Infinity Channel Retailing, which sums up the a concept of future smarter computing with far greater artificial intelligence and even deeper cross and multi channel integration capability.

Infinity-channel retailing

Stuart Bennie Writes in an article in Inside Retailing about the potential future,  where infinity represents WITHOUT ANY LIMIT. Bennie eludes to extremes such as technology capable of walking into David Jones and ordering a McDonalds; where  data is stored as a 'qubit' represented by a quantum system such as the spin of an atom's nucleus or an electron, as opposed to the current  model of our faithful transistor that stores '1''s or '0's... 

And I though I was a forward thinker ! Infinity Channel Retailing. I like it.

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Infinity-channel retailing | IR News | Inside Retail:

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